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Hardcore Computing/Computist Magazines Available for download!

First of all, FULL CREDIT TO Bill Loguidice of ARMCHAIR ARCADE as it was just a moment ago on his blog where this was brought to my attention! For your convenience I merely clipped the info he provided so think about swinging by Armchair Arcade to check it out for yourself, I think you will also find some Apple articles of interest if you look around there. Anyway, here is the info h brought to my attention:


POSTED from original article:

Sun, 07/20/2008 - 6:50pm — Bill Loguidice
Softkey Publishing's magazines', Hardcore Computing, Hardcore Computist, and Computist, are available for free from The Computist Project Website, either as PDF's or by request via free DVD. In addition, the PDF's have recently been re-cropped, color corrected, and OCR'd so they can be fully searched. Definitely check out this valuable community service to Apple II-series enthusiasts and software hackers in general. As a nice bonus, this project has even been blessed by the original publishing company! Check out the Website here:

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