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Having spent some time away from the retro Mac world lately (a baby will do that to your free time!), I thought I'd get back into the swing of things now that my in-laws have given me a mint-condition LCii with 12" screen, Apple stylewriter, etc.

As I was perusing the site I came across my old blog post here and, on reading the bottom two paragraphs, I had to smile. Let me quote:

"I think a panel device the size of four iPhones with Wifi, web browser, email and the ability to read PDFs, Office documents and view media (MP3, Video, etc) would be invaluable" ... "because it's not trying to replace a laptop, it can be tailored to give good battery life"

"I'd bet there are a large number of people who'd love a device the size of a MacBook screen, but as thick as an iPhone, that has all the "Touch" family features, but with the added Newton bits and pieces I have described"

So, other than the lack of handwriting, I pretty much nailed the iPad in feature set and design in October 2008 - beat that Mac Rumours sites! I think it's just a case of applying some software and hardware design logic to the curent line-up and the requirements for a PDA/Tablet in a world where smartphones and laptops are ubiquitous.

I promise I'm not Steve Jobs... or am I?

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