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When I can I like to get out with friends and go riding on the weekends. Currently, I'm in "training" for the annual Sydney to Wollongong fund raising ride for Multiple Sclerosis Australia

Have a look at for more information about the ride, and my fund raising page at

Every little donation helps!

Who gets MS?

People are typically diagnosed in their twenties and thirties, with the average age of diagnosis 30. Interestingly three times more women are affected by MS than men and it is more common in cooler climates.

In Australia, over 18,000 people currently have MS, however this figure is increasing as diagnosis methods become more advanced.

What are typical symptoms of MS?

Symptoms of MS and unpredictable and change from person to person, and from time to time in the same person. They may include tiredness, blurry vision, loss of balance and muscle coordination, slurred speech, difficulty walking, short-term memory loss, tingling and numbness or in severe cases tremors and paralysis.

Can MS be cured?

MS is a lifelong disease for which a cure is yet to be found. However, doctors and scientists are making discoveries in treating and understanding MS everyday and research to find a cure is very encouraging.

While supporting this search for a cure, MS Australia also provides information and advice on the treatments available, which means people with MS can better manage their symptoms.

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Comment by Michael on November 11, 2009 at 8:32pm
If anybody was interested, it was a great day for a ride. The alarm went off at 0500, and my wife dropped me at the train station and I arrived in the city for the 0730 start with plenty of time to spare (at least a whole 5 minutes). Weather was fine, sun was shining, just me and 9,999 other riders. Arrived in Wollongong just after 1230 and enjoyed a cold beer (or two) and a couple of steak sandwiches.

I made my fund raising target, and look forward to doing it all over again next year.


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