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Finally (and about time too), I got around to setting up my KryoFlux Disk USB Floppy Controller.

The USB controller has been sitting in its box for over a year now, and the spare 1/2 day arrived, and I hooked it up to my miniServer.  Previous attempts to us my QuickSilver2000 PowerMac didn't work, as the KryoFlux program would only support USB drivers under 10.6+ Intel Macs.  Although the windows version supported XP, attemptinf to install it in XP under VirtualPC, seemed to work right up to the trying to initialise the USB controller to read a disk.  BAH!

So, fast forward 12 months (or so) and today I set  it up, tested a few known (and expendable) 400K and diskettes, and then took the plunge with the backup copy of MicroSoft Basic for Macintosh.  Wirrr, chunk, chunk, chunck. . . .  Looking good. . . .  ARGhhhhhhhh! Bad Sectors at 63-70

Took out the original diskette, happy noises, Wirr,, , chunk, chunk, chunk . . . . . Bing!

Now I have "Microsoft_Basic_Mac_v1.0_Original_s0.img"  Flick it across from the Mini to my QS2002, fire up Mini vMac, change disks to the new MS Basic image and BINGO!  Introducing the "Music" sample program from the MS Basic diskette

and the start of the listing if you're interested.

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Comment by Michael on September 12, 2012 at 2:57am

Yes, the USB controller is connected to an Off-The-Shelf 1.44MB Floppy Drive.  The KryoFlux is not your typical USB FDD contoller, it reads the flux levels and massages that into the expected disk format image, in this case an "Apple DOS 400K" image ("Apple DOS" - that's their designation).

Supposedly, the latest version of the Command LIne allows me to write back to 400K disks, and maybe the Windows GUI supports it, but that something to try another day.

Comment by James Wages on August 29, 2017 at 8:36am
Michael, your last post was made about five years ago. I assume you have gotten around to trying other things with your set up including writing to disks, correct?


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