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Collectible Fund Re-allocation, AKA starting a Mac Collection

My head is swimming. I just officially started me a vintage Mac collection today. Kinda out of the blue. Was struggling with the impulse to start up buying old Mac's and then framed the decision in investment terminology and that was all I needed to justify it.

Been a Mac fan for a while and still have my Mac Powerbook 5300 from when i bought it new in 1993 and have grabbed a few things over the years but only today made the BUY decision. You see besides into tech toys and gadgets, I collect antique knives. Yeap, an old knife collector. About 12 years ago, I decided to start buying certain old knives. Fortunately along the way was able to acquire a couple collections and these helped build the foundation of my current collection. Now I have over 200 (they are called Elephant Toenails and became obsolete in the 1930's).

Today, I made a similar decision but this time it's older computers.

Felt like this new pursuit would be a couple year stint. The models are easily identifiable, compared to 100 year old pocket knives made by some obscure cutlery firm in rural New York. But then I saw Martin's list and I realized I have a long way to go. It's more involved I see :)

The second l'ttle discouraging thing is the price/value of the very first Apple. Got to get one of them, right? Can't collect old Macs and not get the first one. Actually found one for sale too. It's being auctioned this month at Christie"s. Here's the link about it. That's the good news- the bad is it's estimated to fetch over $200,000. Maybe we can all go in together on it.

The way I look at it- I'm just going to reduce my exposure in old knives and add some old Apple machines into the Fund. Yeah, Collectible Fund Re-Allocation. That's what i'm going call it. Sounds much better when I tell my wife why UPS keeps delivering boxes with old computers in them. "I'm starting a vintage computer collection, Honey" wouldn't have gone over so well. :)

Looking forward to y'all's help.

Did grab me a couple others today though.

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Comment by avidmaccollector on November 18, 2010 at 10:15pm
I have a bunch of machines/hardware that are actually duplicates. Would you be interested in them? All you would need to do is pay shipping from Atlanta. The machines are: Apple IIc, Apple IIc+, Duo Dock, G4 iMac, Imagewriter II and a Powerbook G3. Condition averages out as 'fair'. I've been looking to get rid of them for a while and can't be bothered listing them on eBay. Let me know - if you're not interested, anyone else is free to contact me for the same offer.


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