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As we look back at hours of footage we shot for MacHEADS, we realize there is so much great stuff we couldn’t have entered the movie. Much valuable and educational archives would have just evaporated, so we decided to share some great moments with the public, and thus kicking off the series is an insanely great appearance -
the Woz gave at the California Academy of Sciences. Back in 2007 the Woz published his biography book titled “iWoz” and here he shares his story with the rest of us. This is the first part of the never seen before video. Each week we will upload more clips from the 90 minutes interview he did with Roy Eisendhart. In this video, Woz shares his inspiration for becoming involved with computers, his values and appreciation for education. We wish to than the California Academy of Sciences for letting us shot this great event. We are partnering with the Internet archives, a remarkable open source archive. You are invited to search through hundreds of hours of historical footage of Apple and the Macintosh. Enjoy the show!

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