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Over the past few months I've been looking at my Blueberry iBook and wishing it had, at various different times, more ram, more drive space, a firewire port to hook up my external drive, a dvd player to watch movies, OS 10 and a faster processor. I had bought a new third party battery for it, but it didn't recognize the battery. The seller re-imbursed me and told me to keep the battery.

So, I started looking at auctions for 366 mhz and 466 mhz iBooks. I discovered the 466 mhz machines could get pretty pricey, but I kept looking. I finally came across one- a 466 mhz graphite machine that looked doable. I got it for $87 including shipping. this is the most I've spent on a vintage Mac so far. It's got 320 mb of ram, running os 10.3. It turned out the speaker isn't working, but everything else seems sound so far. It's a little rough around the edges, but these usually go for more than I paid with these specs. Last night I decided to pop in the (I thought) defective battery. It started charging, so I left it over night. I've been watching alien on it for an hour and 10 minutes and it still has a 73% charge. Pretty cool.

I may try to replace the speaker. for now I can use external speakers or headphones. I'd also like to buff out scratches in the plastic. They aren't deep. If anyone has any suggestions how to do it, please share.

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