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Well everyone, this is my first post on my returned iMac!! I love the fact that I have my baby back at home, and that my internet is back up & running!! I think that my graphics card may have been bad from the get go, as my screen seems brighter, crisper, and just overall better looking than it ever did before. I really am glade to have my iMac home, and I'm so glade it wasn't anything more than a bad graphics card!!

I do have some good news tonight! I have secured the second piece for my new Apple Computer Collection!!!! A co-worker of mine was telling me that his uncle had a computer that he used to play with. He thought it was an old Apple computer, but he wasn't sure of which model it was. He called his uncle, who told him it was an Apple IIe!! I was amazed!!!! I was excited a month before hand when another co-worker thought he might have an Apple IIc, but it turned out to be an old Compaq desktop. But this here is an actual Apple II!!!!

I looked up some pictures of an Apple IIe on my iPhone, and showed them to my co-worker. It was one of an Apple IIe with the double 5.25" floppy drive on top of the computer, and then the monitor on top of that. He said that his uncle's computer looked almost exactly like that! I asked him for sure if it had the floppy drives between the computer & the monitor, or if it had the drive/s off to the side. He said it had the drives under the monitor like the one in the picture, and he thought it even had 2 drives. I told him to tell his uncle that I would offer him at least $100.

Well that was about a week ago, a he just today got his uncle's response. He didn't want to take just $100 for it. At first his uncle wanted $300 for it, but my co-worker told him I'd never give him that much. He came down to $200, but my co-worker asked if I would make another offer? I told him that I would offer $150, but that was the highest that I would go. I told him that I could buy the computer, a floppy drive, and a monitor all off eBay for about that much with shipping, and certainly could do it less than $200 probably.

He called his uncle back while I was doing something else, and when I was done he said his uncle would take it!! I was very happy!!!! He's going back home right before Easter, and then again on the 17th of April. I told him that I probably wouldn't have the money before Easter, but I would for sure have it before the 17th. So now not only do I have an iMac, a 22" Apple "Acrylic" Cinema Display, a 15" "acrylic" Studio Display, and a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, but soon I will also have an Apple IIe with floppy drives, monitor, and I also forgot that it comes with an Apple printer too!! I am so looking forward to getting that computer!!!!

I'm also currently looking for a Mac that no longer works to convert into a Macquarium!! I'm really wanting an Indigo G3 iMac, but another color iMac or classic toaster style Mac (i.e. 128k through Color Classic II) will do. I'm thinking either a goldfish, or a Beta will call this unique Aquarium home! I'd like to set it up near my computer desk, or in my front room, which is not very far from where my iMac currently lives. If I do get this project started, I will fill everyone in every step of the way here on this blog!

Also I wish to apologize for not having posted more pictures as of late. Partly this has been due to the fact that my iMac was not working from Sunday, March 14th, until yesterday the 23th. I have this whole weekend off from work, I usually have to work every Saturday, and I will try to get some pictures of my iMac, Apple Displays, and my TAM taken so I can post them!!

Have fun Macing out there everyone!! :-) :-)

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