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Well I've been thinking about this ever since I started listening to podcast a little more than three years ago, but I really want to do a podcast! It started after I got my iMac, and started downloading podcast for my iPod Touch I had at the time. I've had trouble trying to decide what I would do a podcast about though. I love tech, but don't know a lot of the "how to tear down & reassemble" of the industry. I love food, and know a lot about it! I also love photography, and music. I know a lot about them too.

I know that I'd have to do some research about current trends no matter the topic, so it shouldn't matter how little I know about the chosen subject. I have doubts that I know enough about tech, Apple tech to be specific, to do a real podcast on my own. I want to start out on my own, maybe I'd add a co-host latter on. I'd like to have guests from time to time, and do some stuff over Skype. I'm thinking about a 30 minute to one hour time frame for the show. I'd like to make it a multi segmented show. It'd start with an intro, maybe news section, tips & tricks, some kind of internet spotlight section, a feature/demo/review section, and finally the outro of the show.

So far I'm leaning towards either tech, or food. I have a more rounded knowledge of food, and do have some resources here at my house to help me with that topic. I also know of many other resources that I could draw upon to enhance my knowledge of food, and cooking. I'm very intrigued about technology though! I have dove straight into the Apple World since I decided to buy my first Macintosh back in January of 2008. It's been a journey, much of which I have taken on pod casts such as Retro MacCast!


I started listening to Retro MacCast because I was looking for anything that could help me learn about this new computer I had just bought. Sure I'd been thought how to use Windows all my school life, but always hated what little Mac Computers I'd used. I loved James & John's way of talking about old computers. It made me think of some of the stuff that was new when I was a little kid. That has lead me to looking at lots of other retro computers on eBay! As a science nerd in school I was always fascinated about why things work, what makes things happen, and the forces that create everything that we see daily. I'd like to share my love of science, and tech with other people. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of Leo Laporte from the TWiT Net casting Network, but I love watching/listening to Leo's broadcasts! TWiT is another one of those places that I have taken my journey through Mac land to in the last three years. His shows "Mac Break Weekly", "The Tech Guy", and "This Week In Tech" have helped to create a fire inside of me. I'd love to one day turn my little podcast into something like Leo has with The TWiT Network.  I'd love to live broadcast my show on the internet, plus provide it as a podcast too.

Leo Laport


My love affair with food goes back many years, probably to my very earliest days of life! I know how most of you probably spent your Saturday mornings as a kid: you got up early, eat a bowl of , then went to watch the Saturday morning cartoons. Well my family really was never a huge breakfast for breakfast type, but we love it for dinner!! I got up about mid morning, maybe 9:00 am, or so. I watched a couple hours of cartoons, then switched over to PBS. I often just occasionally watched "The Victory Garden", but as I got older I became more interested in it. The real goal was to watch "The Frugal Gourmet", which was Jeff Smith I believe. Throughout the years there was a show by Justin Wilson (The Cajun guy that did the Ruffles potato chips commercials), a few ladies that I don't remember, and a string of home improvement shows. "This Old House", "The New Yankee Workshop", and another one that I can't remember for the life of me that was a guy and a girl on right after "The New Yankee Workshop". And even though I worship the ground that Martha Stewart walks on, she can't even compare to The Grand Dame of Cooking, The Empress of the Kitchen, The Goddess of Cuisine, Julia Child!! Thank you so much PBS for giving me access to "Cooking with Master Chefs", "Baking with Julia", "Cooking with Julia & Jacques", and keeping "The French Chef" alive on DVD. I was a foody as a child when the term hadn't even been popularized, and I'm a huge foody now. At one time I wanted to be a Chef, and longed to attend The Culinary Institute of America. I finally decided that I think I'd get bored with cooking the same stuff all day long, and get burned out very quickly. I don't want to come to hate food, or cooking.

 The Great Julia Child


As you can see, I'm very passionate about both subjects!! lol I'm just not sure which to do? I know more over all about food, I can cook, and I have/know of easily available resources. Also it costs less overall. I love tech, and know some about it, it cost more, couldn't test a lot of stuff first hand to do reviews, and I might not seem to speak with authority on the subject. It would be easier to film though when I transition to video/live broadcasting. I also have this idea for converting my spare bedroom into a computer room/pod casting set. The tech show would make more use of this set. I could still use it for a food/cooking show, but not for any cooking demos that I would do. I could use the set for almost the entire tech show. I was going to use my recently purchased 23" HD Cinema Display as a monitor facing the camera to allow viewers to see what I'm doing on the computer screen, to display video logos & other pictures, and even to show Skype calls. My iPad would display my show notes, and other things not to be displayed on the Cinema Display when I have it in Mirror mode. I'm just afraid that if I used this set a lot on a food show, people might not like it. They might not take me serious as a food/cooking source, and think I don't know what I'm talking about. They might think, "He's just some tech nerd that's never done any 'Real' cooking."

So this is what I'm asking from the Retro MacCast community: tell me what you think! Do you like either one of my ideas? Do you think they'd work? Do you think we need another tech/food/cooking podcast?? Do you like my idea about using the Cinema Display as I've said I'd like to? Are there any ideas you'd like to give me?? I'm open to all comments about my ideas for a podcast. If you have any suggestions, or like to share some resources with me, I'd love to hear them!! And I'm not limiting it to just format & topic ideas, but also equipment too. I've already looked at mics, audio interfaces, and even portable recorders. If you have experience with this kind of stuff, get in touch with me! Please do keep in mind that I'm starting on a budget, so I can't spend a lot. I'd like to not spend more than $400-$500 to start out if I can keep from it. I'm looking to start off with a fairly decent mic, maybe an audio interface, and a portable recorder. I'm thinking about a Blue Mic Yeti, or Yeti Pro mic, but head a Samsung Mic today on TWiT that sounded really good! It was a model CO3U, and I'd really like to know how it matches up to the Yetis. So if you have any ideas/suggestions/or comments, please leave them here! The benefit of the Yeti Pro would be 4 condenser patterns in one mic, and USB & XLR hook ups. The USB would allow me to record to the iMac with out needing an audio interface, but the XLR would allow me to hook into a portable recorder. I don't know, it's just a thought. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thanks everybody!!

P.S. Thanks for sticking through the really long, and kind of off topic post!  I really would like the help of The Retro MacCast Community with this issue.  Everyone I've connected with here are such awesome people!!  Thanks again for any help!! :-) :-)


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Comment by mcsey on September 12, 2011 at 10:24am

I use an M-Audio product similar (but much older than) and then a standard XLR phantom powered SM-58 microphone.  Then add in this Tascam digital recorder and you're off.  I must say I paid more than $99 for my Tascam 05 and thought it a bargain at $139. You should come in under $400 easily.


That said I strongly urge you to go get a $30 usb headset/mic and just record the dang thing. From the length and quality of the post, you've obviously got some solid material.  I do most of my recording with a $70 Platronics usb headphone/mic combo (with a large wad of kleenex rubber banded around the mic as extra pop protection).  The only time I've ever gotten complaints* is when I mess the levels up and that doesn't have much to do with the mic;)

*Well about the audio.  You do a podcast (or in my case how-to screencast) your gonna get complaints.


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