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Ever since learning about A/UX, I have wanted a computer that I could run it on. However, I tend to collect powerbooks and consumer macintoshes, so none of the computers in my collection met the requirements. I had to go out and get one of the more professional models. I find A/UX to be quite fascinating and would love the experience of using it.

Craigslist has been my usual go-to for old Mac computers. It has provided well for my addiction. Much of the stuff I've even gotten straight from my home town! This includes a Color Classic, Duo 280c, 270c, Powerbook 2400c, 140, 150, Portable, and even a pair of Apple IIc's. I've avoided getting desktops off eBay, because of the expense of shipping for the heavier items.

I had seen a IIcx for sale on Cragislist in my home town, for $1. I mulled over it too long and someone else snatched it up. I felt a little bummed, the IIcx would make a great computer to run A/UX. My other desktops, a LC and Color Classic, did not meet the requirements for A/UX.

A few days later I checked craigslist, and there was a IIsi for free in my home town. I emailed the seller, and he left it outside his place. I rode my bike over and put the computer in my backpack.

I got it home but only had a few minutes to try it out. I plugged it in and it turned right on, but no screen image. I pulled it apart to see what came with it. The ram SIMS were full, and there was a 030 PDS direct slot with the math coprocessor. I originally thought this was a Nubus adaptor, which excited me. However, I will settle with the PDS direct slot.

I had to wait for the next day to try it out. I finally got some free time to work with the IIsi. The computer seemed to boot normally, except for no video. I thought it might be a PRAM battery issue, so I tried various methods around it. I then thought maybe the adaptor was not working properly. My Mac to VGA adaptor has the dipswitches, so I tried different settings. I tried googling the problem, turns out that other people had the same problem. As a last resort, I switched the sync from Separate sync to composite. The video popped up on my LCD screen! I thought this was odd, given my LC works with separate sync, and the two computers were released around the same time. The IIsi booted to a clean installation of 7.0.1, with 16mb of ram and 80 mb hard disk.

Ive read that the IIsi's onboard ram is slower than the SIMMS, so I am curious to do some video tests and see how much of a difference it makes.

Next, I plan to install A/UX!

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