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I mentioned this in my last post here, and finally it has come, a 300Mhz Blueberry Model has been added to my collection. Its become my favourite Mac to type on, purely because there is something magical about OS 9. Even with a paltry 32MB RAM, This machine performs admirably in Mac OS 9.2.2 and I hope to add a 256MB RAM chip and also a copy of OS X to this machine at a later stage. An upgraded hard drive will also be apart of this process. This machine nicely rounds out my Mac Collection by giving me a permanent base on which to run Classic applications and to do all my typing on. It also proves to be quite a head-turner and just carrying it around my college I got accosted several times asking where they could get a machine like it. The looks when I told them it was nearly 11 years old were hilarious :D
Chris. Out.

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