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Hello everyone! I've been thinking of the strangest, yet most awesome thing all day long. What if I was to enter the Retro Challenge contest?? I'm not good with hardware, I don't know how to program, and I'm not good with artistic stuff other than photography, some music, and writing!! But wait!! Maybe that's the answer??!! Didn't I hear James once talking about people entering short stories, even full length novels in the contest that were written on retro computers?? I do believe that I did!!

Well folks, that's exactly what I plan on doing this July! I want to enter the Retro Challenge, by writing an original story on the Apple IIe that I will be getting in mid April. I'm kind of thinking of a rough outline for my story, that as of now will have Macintosh computers figuring very prominently in the story. It will involve the future, time travel, saving the world (maybe twice!), friendship, and it's all centered around a spunky little main character that would make R2-D2 very proud!!

What I'm thinking as far as how I'm going to approach this is in the following manner. For the first 3 weeks of the contest I will write as much as I can each day. Not really worrying how long I write, if my writings overlap, contradict, or are not in order. Then I will take the last week to edit my work down, and organize it into it's final form. I'd like to work on it all 31 days in July. And I plan on posting my progress right here on my blog!! So as it gets closer to time for the Retro Challenge, I will keep everyone here at Retro Mac Cast up to date on how preparations for my project is going, and will probably post excepts from the story a couple times a week as I'm writing/editing. Once it is finished, I'd like to post the entire story to this blog, that is if it's not too long?? It may be something that I would have to post in sections, but I will try to do so if it's possible.

I would appreciate any feed back that anyone from the RetroMacCast community can give me as I write my story. Also I'm not sure if the Apple IIe that I'm getting has a word processing program with it, or not?? After I get it, if I need any help finding out what would be a good program to track down for this project, I'll publish a post about it. I'm used to either MS Works, or Office for their word processing programs. I know I probably wont find anything for an Apple that's very close to them, but you never know??

Another thing I've wondered about is this, how do I get my story to the judges at the Retro Challenge?? I know that the Apple IIe is supposed to come with an Apple printer, but can I send in a printed copy, that is if I can get a ribbon for the printer???? I'm not sure if an Apple IIe could connect to my Cable modem using an Ethernet cable?? Any help in these matter would be great!!

Finally, if you plan to enter the Retro Challenge this July, I'd love to hear from you!! I think that some of the projects that I read were entered in previous years sounded interesting, even though I admit I didn't understand what all of them were. Tell me about your projects, I'll tell you about mine. I think this is going to be a great experience for me!!!!

And as always fellow Retro Mac Casters, keep on Macing!!!! :-) :-)

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