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I love RetroMacCast, and have listened to just about no other podcast since I started it!! Love the profiles on the sight, and I know I'll get good use out of the

I wish that my first post could be a happier one, but it's not entirly so. I was printing off prices for the iPad off Apple's site last night, and my Mighty Mouse wouldn't work. I tried turning it off then on, bt it couldn't find a blue tooth signal. I tried my ble tooth keyboard, and it wouldn't work either. Nothing o did worked, even hooking my USB keyboard and mouse back up. Since I couldn't get anything to happen, the only thing I knew to do was shut it down. It was like my whole computer had just locked up all of a sudden.

But everytime I've tried to turn it back on, nothing much happens! I can hear the hard drive like it's starting up, and I can feel something gently vibrating inside the casing! So I know something inside it is working. I get no image on the built in, or extra Cinema Displays. I'm at a complete loss as to what happned?? This is the first major problem that my trusty iMac has ever given me, and I fear it may be my friend's last. :-( :-(

So I guess I'm getting up early on the morning to call my local Apple resaler, to see if I need totale it
in to get serviced. I'm also pretty certain that when I bought it
in January of 2008, I bought it with a 3 year Apple Care Plan! I don't think it was only 2 years, but knowing my luck it was. If for some reason Apple won't/can't fix or repair it, I don't know what I'll do?? I don't have the money todo a coastly fix, or to replace it!! The only way I got it in the first place is my mom gavee the money to get it when she got a settlent from her job for gettng hurt. And icantget credit with out a co-signer, which no one but my mom will do, and she still has a bankruptcy on her credit history. This computer filled a vast hole in my heart & soul after my grandmother I'd lived with for over 6 years had passed away. I really don't want to loss this computer!!!!

Well I'm going to remain optimistic, until I'm told otherwise! I saw a post in the "Aluminum iMac Lovers" group that said Apple replaced his 24" iMac with a 27" on with a Core i5 processor!! If only I could be that lucky!! Wish me luck everyone!!

(Side note: I still haven't got to pick up my TAM yet. I'm doing that this Thursday the 18th of March, 2010, during a trip to visit a friend in Arkansas! I can' wIt together it home, especially since it
may be the only computer I have working for a little while!! Thank you sovery much James & John for answering my e-mail questions about the TAM in episode 152! I was so excited when I saw James' comment on my profile wall!! My mom lives with me, and probably thought I'd went nuts!! I kept saying, "Oh my God! Oh my GOD!!!!". Thanks again guys!! Hope the problem with the iTunes RSS feed works out soon!! I barly was able to get episode 152 todownload last night, and I'm not really certain what I did to get it to load at around 3:30 am CDT! What an awesome show!!)

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