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I got a call from Database Systems this afternoon, and my iMac is all fixed up!! :-) :-) The repair tech told me that they ordered a new graphics card to see if that was the problem. Everything booted up like it's supossed to after everything was put back together!

I'm going to go picked it up before I go to work tomorrow morning. I prbably won't be able to get on line till Wednesday evening, as I have accidently let my Internet bill laps! If it isn't one thing, then it's another!! So Wednesday night will probably be my first blog written on my iMac. I'm looking forward to going through so many of the photos on the Retro Mac Cast site, and looking at all the other profiles of members!!

I'm thinking that the next Mac I want to get is one of about 4 different machnes. Either a Mac 128k, a 512k, a Mac Plus, or a G3 iMac. If my next one is an iMac, I want either the Indigo, or Graphite color. I'm also wanting to either buy, or possibly make my own Macquium!! I'd love t make one out f a G3 iMac, so as to have the biggest tank possble. I'm thinking of either a Beta, or a couple goldfish for this tank!

If anyone hasmade a Macquium, or knows where I could buy one, please leave me a comment here, on my wall, or send me a message through the site!!

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