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Ummmmm - the little glass VW Beatle ornament is not a permanent item on the TARDIS console. It was put there temporarily to keep a three year old from playing with it. Also, the figures are not arranged right now. I just got a BUNCH of them for Christmas, so they got thrown in quickly amidst the normal figures set up (again TEMPORARILY) until I got a chance to set them up on the top shelf. It really does look better than that normally! I didn't realize he was going to be showing it during the podcast...

That being said - John did an AMAZING job building that thing. He figured out how to do the doors all on his own because they had to open inwards to be true to the show without getting in the way of the TV et al. The doors themselves are really cool. He somehow glued wood to give it a 3D effect and added windows. Also, he matched the font PERFECTLY in the signs at the top and side, put lights behind them to make the shine, and rigged the light up top with a porch lantern and Christmas lights. Oh, and he rigged some little lights inside to shine on the figures.

He still has a few other touches he wants to add along the top, but even without it's really impressive.

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