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Pismo and Passion: Your Mighty Muse

Passion. Passion finds it's way into may aspects of life. Passion in Love. Passion in Vocation. Passion in Art. Passion in Food. Passion in Computers. It's hard to keep up passion. That's why Shakespeare would have a muse. Uncouth as it is, his muse (or muses) would keep him inspired and driven. For a while at least. Which goes to highlight that nothing can keep our passions at a manic level indefinitely. Nor is passion supposed to. We move on. Something else catches our eye.... as Paul Simon wrote, "everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance"

When we decide to rekindle passion, it can either be like trying to crank start an old Model T Ford, or it can be as quick and effortless lighting a cigarette in a fireworks roadside hut somewhere in North Dakota. Either way, we usually are elevated by it's return. And sleep better at night (or don't depending on where the passion is on the fruition curve) It's here that I'll draw attention to the Pismo and it's ability to rekindle computing passion. Why Pismo, why why why?

I would like to speak first to those who used to own Pismo, then I will speak to those who never have. Prior Pismo Owners: In the world of Aluminum (well now aluminum everything) laptops, we fall short of the tactile response a laptop can give us. Today's Mac laptops must be quite rigid. Their svelte profile necessitates strength. Laptops of 10 years ago had so much internal space that a frame was used to maintain form. The skin was a shell. Think of it as endo skeletal versus today' ecto skeletal laptops. As a result, older laptops such as Pismo have a softer skin, slightly pliable and more human. As a result, the fingers find more reaction to the surface.... curvy, liquid, almost alive. Having this endoskeleton, Pismo's body could be curved and carved to be what ever the makers wanted. And they wanted Passion. Former Pismo owners, your old love is now more affordable than ever. Your opportunity to relive the youthful vim of portable computing is quite again, at your fingertips.

For those who have never owned Pismo. You are missing out on what few would contest is the greatest laptop design ever. Never had a notebook been made to look so organizing and so balanced. You'll have never seen a computer interact with you like Pismo. From the graceful feminine lines to it's masculine and powerful profile, Pismo really is the Summa Emotica. Not the Titanium, not the Powerbook 540 (a computer from which many Pismo cues were taken) Pismo is the Zenith.

But what truly makes this computer whole is it's performance. In this write up, I'm hoping to spark the flame of former fantasies. Those feelings you once felt, or wish to feel for the first time.... those poems or drawings that once flowed free as laughter can be rekindled. But what would it be for me to propose this within a computer that simply looked good. Ineffective and Misguided. But Pismo can do just that. More than just inciting and inspiring passion, Pismo can take you there.

Pismo can do your wireless web surfing. Yes. Pismo can write your poems. Yes. Pismo can record your music on Garageband. Yes. Pismo can edit your movies. Yes. Pismo can store your 100GB of music. Yes. Pismo can be a home for your iPod, your photos, and your life. Pismo IS NOT a reminder of what was once not possible........ Leave that for a Powerbook 180 (no disrespect intended). Pismo can connect, communicate, expand, embark and emplore your passions to their heated and sacramonial end. Return or invite yourself to a Pismo.

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