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Retro Machines - Largest Private Collection in Australia (maybe world) in pictures

CIO magazine has a huge slideshow from the collection of a guy down in Australia. You might have a lot of machines, but this guy's probably weigh more!

Slideshow -- Tech of Yesteryear: Where Old Computers Find Their Fin...

Text from CIO - "Max Burnet has turned his home in the leafy suburbs of Sydney into arguably Australia’s largest private computer museum. Since retiring as director of Digital Equipment Corporation a decade ago, Burnet has converted his interest in the computing industry into an invaluable snapshot of computer history. Every available space from his basement to the top floor of his two-storey home is covered with relics from the past. His collection is vast, from a 1920s Julius Totalisator, the first UNIX PDP-7, a classic DEC PDP-8, the original IBM PC, Apple’s Lisa, MITS Altair 8800, numerous punch cards and over 6000 computer reference books. And more. He happily opened his doors for CIO to take a look."

You need to go see the pictures - great stuff!

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