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Trusted production G5 - shuttered!

After serving Chimp 65 productions for the last 4 years, our beloved Mac G5 is dead. It happened today, MacHEADS assistant editor broke the news to producers Kobi and Ron Shely. Apparently- while digitizing materials for a new documentary (with the latest installed Avid Media Composer…) rows of pixels filled the screen. At first, a restart seemed to be the cure, but a gray apple with an endless spin gave the cue that there is no tomorrow for this old mac. PPC G5 4 gig Ram served us well on our MacHEADS project. It never gave us any problem always was happy to re-cut and import impossible MPEG-1s and rendering hours of materials. We will miss you (and also all of our software, songs, pictures, documents, videos… backup was due…) And now we are looking at the new age of Intel chip based macs. Or will just give our local Mac repair man Dotan a second chance for a miracle.

So long old friend.

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