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I may live and breathe technology, but I refuse to give in to cell phone and MP3 player trends. I semi-reluctantly bought an iPod mini after the prices dropped in early 2005. 4 years later, the battery is nearing the end of its life and I was thinking about making the jump to a new Nano... but what I always really wanted was an iPod mini with more storage.

I just put a fresh battery from Sonnet Technologies in my iPod mini. I also took the opportunity to swap out the 4GB Hitachi Microdrive for a 16GB CompactFlash card ($60CDN). Wheeeee!

I knew the iPod minis used small drives but never knew they were Microdrives. Any old CompactFlash card will work thanks to the CompactFlash standard's inclusion of an ATA controller on the cards themselves. The iPod and its 32-bit addressing scheme will only address a maximum of 127GB, though. ;)

Only 3.1GB worth of the 4GB stock Microdrive was usable, but I can use a full 15GB out of the 16GB CF card. Yes! Also, the Microdrive's transfer rate maxed out at about 3MB/second; the CF will kick out 9 or 10MB/second without breaking a sweat. Syncing with iTunes is much, much faster.

This isn't strictly retro Mac-related, but I felt good breathing new life into my flagging iPod mini, and of course, it was fun to be able to do it myself rather than buying new things that I don't need.

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