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So, the hello Show page header was looking a bit... how shall I say... aliased?

Yuk. Rough edges like that have no place in the 21st century.

Behold, an antialiased version of the classic motif! Based directly off of the original ad, no less.

Created by importing the old version of the logo, which was extracted from a high-quality scan of the original 1984 ad, into Inkscape and vectorising it, we think that this is the best quality version of this image ever.

The best part? We also saved an SVG version, so it can be scaled to any size! From a banner ad on a site to a 1000 dpi 30' poster, these versions can be downloaded from these URLs (obscene, sorry):

We're releasing these under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licenses, so you can use them for just about everything. Just make sure you ask us before using them in a commercial project, then we won't get angry. (we'll usually be happy to grant permission)

(the original image is copyright Apple Computer Inc. and Susan Kare, 1984. Only these high-resolution transfers are covered under the CC BY-NC-SA license which these are distributed under. Ask your lawyer, etc.)

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