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So I was all excited about getting a new Color Classic today, as mine has a color gun going out..  Well, not a block away from the house I bought it, got rear ended at like 30mph..  That sorta killed the joy of getting a new Mac!!


However, the guy was honest and already got a call from his insurance, they are covering everything and getting me a rental car..


Well the best part, the Color Classic came in a carry case..  It was between my front seat and my dash.  When I got home ran inside to plug it in..  Still works perfectly, what a trooper..  I think my truck being smashed and the Color Classic being smashed would have sent me over the edge!!


However, his Audi looks like it ran over a road side bomb.  The Tahoe won that round..  Just need a new rear bumper..



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Comment by Kathryn on May 15, 2011 at 7:51pm
Wow Jeff, glad you and your CC made it through in fine shape, and you get to hear the start up chimes of a beauty like the CC. Bravo for the Tahoe.
Comment by Birddog10 on May 30, 2011 at 8:54pm
If he would have damaged your Color Classic you could have demanded a new in box replacement!


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