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Well I called the people at Apple today, and boy was I bowled over! I talke to a very nice lady, I think her name was Elizibeth. I told her my situation about needing to get my iMac serviced, but not knowing that I needed to register it when I bought my computer a little over 2 years ago!! She tookmy serial number, the code off the sheet in my Apple Care box, and told since it was past the first year she would have to talk to an administrator to see if they could register it. She told me shed have to put me on hold for about 5 minutes.

I just knew that she would come back saying that Apple couldn't honor ths warrenty, or I'd have to pay to get it warrentied. To my surprise she came back in only about 2 minutes, and said I was all registered! I was shocked!! Mylocal resaler told me that I might have fax, or e-mail Apple a copy of my recipt. I asked Elizibeth if they needed this, but she said no. I also asked her how long it would take to get in the system, that my local resaler said it may take up to 2 weeks. She told me that it should already be in the system, they only take a few weeks if there is a problem with the Apple Care code, and that my code was good!

I thanked Elizibeth so much, and called my local resaler!! I had their service tech look my serial number up, and it shows it is currently in warrenty!! I didn't have time before work to takemy iMac in, but I will take it in before work tomorrow! I hope that it doesn't take very long to fix, but I'm afraid that there may be something seriously wrong. While I was still on the phone with Elizibeth, she had me disconect all periphells, displays, Internet, and the power cable from the back of my iMac. She said letting it set for a couple minutes should reset everything. When I recomected power, it still wouldn't come on. She said that if I didn't hear the start up chime, which I didn't, it wasn't my display or graphics card. She said that I did need to take it in to be serviced, looked up to make sure my resaler was an autherized servicer, and we said our goodbyes.

Elizibeth was ver nice, she took care oft needs very proffesionally, and was very sympethetic of my concerns. I was worried because a co-worker had a 6 month + nightmare with Gateway customer service!! He paied a little over $4,000 for a very tricked out high end gaming computer. It stopped working, they sent it to like 3 different service centers, and wasn't going to give him a refund after he asked for one when the situation hit the 6 month mark. My friend had only got about a total of 3-4 months use out of this Gateway computer. He ended up buying a different computer, which is why he wanted a refund. Gateway said they might give him a partial refund, then he had to treaten to sue, and turn them into the Missouri Attorny's General office to get what amounted to about a 95% refund. Thank good Apple wasn't like Gateway!! :-) :-)

Tomorrow I take my iMac in to be serviced. For those of you that are wondering, the local resaler I'm talking about is Database Systems in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. They have been so awesome to me since I made my first purchase from then of a 8GB iPod touch about 2 weeks before I bought my iMac. I know that between then, and Apple it's self, that my iMac will be in very good hands!!

TAM Update!!: as of this posting, just before 2:00 am on March 17th, there is only about 36 hours till I pick up my Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!! I don't know if I'll be able to post any pictures from my iPhone, but I will post a entry in this blog after I pick it up, so be watching for that! I'm expecting to pick it up between 1:00 to 2:00 pm on Thursday march 18th. I'm so looking forward to getting this collectable Mac home!!

Also, a different co-work of mine has an uncle that owns an Apple IIe that he maybe wanting to sale! Based on his dicription it has the double 5.25 floppy drives that set between the computer & the monitor. It has a monitor, and an Image Writer Dot Matrix printer with it too!! He said his uncle wasn't sure what to sale it for, and I'm not really certain either?? I searched a few on eBay, that were saling for any where between $9.99 to $91.00. I told him to tell his uncle I would offer him at least $100 for it. Maybe I'm starting off too high, but I saw an image writer going on eBay for $60 by it's self. I hope I can get it, it'd be a nice 2nd piece in my Apple Compiter Collection! Now if only I could find that person with a fully funtioning Lisa for only $100!! :D : D

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