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Posted December 2017. Filmed in 1992 when, as many people others put it, Jobs was still growing out of his "enfant terrible" management style.

Reality Distortion Field check: When he says "NeXT is successful", what he really means is that they're a year away from getting out of the hardware business. ;)

Jef Raskin on Jobs: "He would have made an excellent King of France."

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Comment by Chris on December 17, 2018 at 4:23pm

"we'll probably end up doing what the customers ask us to do because we want to make them happy". Wow, have times sure have changed at Apple, eh? Yes, I'm aware that this is a quote from SJ at NeXT not Apple, but that's irrelevant as he was the man behind them both and the man who chose Cook (why, who knows?). Cook doesn't understand this at all. Customers are not clamoring for totally non upgradeable sub-par performance ultra priced machines.....or am I that out of touch and should empty my bank account on a Mac Pro that hasn't been updated since 2013??


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