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This is various people from the upcoming film Macheads speaking after the premiere at Macworld 2009 on January 8, 2009.

There will be a second showing in Berkeley at the Hillside club on January 29th. The film is said to be released on iTunes by the end of the month and the DVD will come shortly after. The DVD is said to include several bonus features as well.

Those who got up on stage after the film are (in order of appearance):
Bruce Damer - Co-founder of the Digibarn
Daniel Kottke - First official employee of Apple
Marian Sun McNamee - Responsible for creating an Artistic commune in the '80s
Allan Lundell - Co-founder of the Digibarn
Raines Cohen - Co-founder of BMUG

Deborah Shadovitz (Was not in Macheads but appeared on stage to gain support for Mac User Groups)

Kobi Shely (Producer and Co-writer for the film)

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(I'm a Mac Newbie so correct me if I'm wrong about anything above)

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