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  • Monitor II by RetroConnector

    Monitor II by RetroConnector

    The Miniature Monitor II is designed to match the Apple II Raspberry Pi case by RetroConnector. It… Tags: mini, Pi option8 Jul 9, 2014 112 views

  • Apple II GS

    Apple II GS

    My Apple IIGS, running Apple IIGS System 6.0.1, with 1 GB of Flash storage space. Tags: GS, II BRCincy Feb 14, 2011 102 views

  • Apple IIc

    Apple IIc 05:55

    A Vintage Apple IIc computer from the 1980's that I picked up on Ebay for a few $'s. Tags: IIc, Apple BRCincy Jan 24, 2009 118 views

  • a Quiktime gig at Cupertino

    a Quiktime gig at Cupertino

    Graphic designer Chriss Horgan was looking for a job in the early 90's , little did she know she wo… Tags: Apple, LA mac Nov 8, 2008 104 views



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