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  • iMac G4 Arrives

    iMac G4 Arrives

    A new addition to my Vintage Macintosh collection, and iMac G4, in its original packaging. Thought… Tags: G4, iMac BRCincy Feb 16, 2011 56 views

  • iMac G3 Bondi Blue

    iMac G3 Bondi Blue

    Here is my original Bondi Blue G3 imac.I do apologise for my camera quality today it was in crap mo… Tags: Start, Up Mr G Nov 16, 2010 65 views

  • Snow iMac

    Snow iMac 03:21

    My second G3 iMac, a Snow iMac. Tags: iMac, G3 BRCincy Jan 27, 2009 126 views

  • G3 iMac

    G3 iMac 05:30

    This is a Blue G3 iMac that I got off eBay for a few dollars...Nice machine, very capable, but the… Tags: G3, iMac BRCincy Jan 25, 2009 168 views



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