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I have 2 additional Macintosh Users Guides Guides (030-4324-a, and 030-2651-b) and instead of trying to eBay them for $2 I thought Id share the love! So what do you have to do to get your hands on these little lovelies you ask? Well Don Pardo, tell them what to do!

"Thaaats right! You can win! Look at this webpage page full of pixels and code! [ link ] Start the madness now, answer 9 questions if you please, and the 2 highest scores picked at random will be sent the Macintosh User's Guide, Postage paid! (shipping paid up to $10) Contest Ends June 30!"

So dont be a barf bag, come try your luck, even if you dont want the manual! Details and rules posted on the end, and results page! Many will enter, 2 will win!
Cheers! bo

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Thanks for sharing with us Bo! We'll mention your giveaway on the next episode of the podcast. I'm sure someone out there could use the original user's guide to place next to their classic Mac.
I was feeling pretty good on the first page but then it all went pants.
I was sunk on the first page..... Never been one for guessing music. But, it's a great challenge for those who are.
try your luck again, it changes every time you take it. bozie.tehquizmahst3r
Still baked my noodle. (grin)

I think you got it just hard enough that it's going to catch a lot of people out. Awesome job! It's simple enough to get people thinking that there's some hope but the clips and pictures are just painful... I think I know... or is it too short for me to be sure??? ARRGH!
i think you'd have to be a real 80s freak like me to get a perfect score. To be honest some of the questions I wrote a while ago and I got a few wrong during testing!
Only few days left!! If you want to try for the manula get in before the deadline. Good luck.

(next one will be Apple related, I just didnt have time to repopulate a database with new questions etc.)

I'm terrified of what those questions might be.

Given this image (two pins from a chip), name the chip and the pin numbers AND the signals they carry...
... and ... Name the Model, the serial number, the manufacturing date and the name of the inspector's dog.
The inscription on the dog collar of the first guy to ask Woz for a dime when trying to make a phone call 2 days after the release of the GS :)
Trick Question! We all know that Woz would NEVER give money for a phone call!

From Wikipedia

Not really a trusted source but for this, it'll work.

Give a man a dime for a phone call, he'll call today. Teach him how to make a blue box and he can call you all the time.

OK, now that I've scared everyone, they should know that your quiz (up to now) has been VERY fair and some of it is pretty easy and some of it is downright hard. As any good quiz should be.

Thanks again for taking the time to do it and share it.
[ results ]

Thanks to alll that entered! and the official results are James and Wholly! Great job on a very hard contest! The next one will be Mac specific and just as hard! I will contact the winners individually to arrange shipping. The results will remain posted for 2-3 days and then the entries and database will be wiped. Thanks again to all that tried!





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