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So who here misses hypercard or still uses it. I have happy memories hacking away act scripts getting a home brew rpg running.

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I used to love HyperCard. It was sort of like the Internet on floppies! It was amazing how many stacks were created. I wonder if anyone has ever figured out how to build an HTML interface to open a stack directly?
I remember waiting forever for a proper colour release to come out - I don't think it ever did in the end, although there were kludgy workarounds. Somewhere in the garage I think I've still got the boxed developers kit that had a ton of manuals and came on almost as many floppies as PageMaker! I had purchased an external Apple CD player back in the day when this was still awesome technology and there was almost nothing available to play on it, but pretty much anything you could get was based on HyperCard. I used to get TidBits mailed to my Compuserve account back when it was a HyperCard stack. Wasn't the first version of Myst a HyperCard app?
I use it occasionally and even have a full boxed copy with 2 tons of manuals. It's good fun to play with and there are some good stacks floating about on the internet that are available for download. The fact that Hypercard will run on practically any older Mac is great and I have it on several of my machines, including a Mac Plus.
Well HyperStudio is almost the same thing. I just contacted the person who based his web pages off his IIgs stacks. I asked if he still had the IIgs stacks. He said he did. Here is his site. It has been greatly expanded from the original stacks. Here is the URL to his site.

I will U/L them to a few sites after I get them
OK, that's just wrong. My parents live in Sequim. (see the link above to understand)
I loved HyperCard and used to play around with it quite a bit. I still have my excellent Danny Goodman HyperCard book. My stack, "Mac History 1.0" was completed in January 1993, while I was still in Germany, in the Army. I passed out disks of it at the last Mac user group I was able to attend there, before moving back to the states. When I find the HyperCard stack I have from that user group, I'll add it here. In my early days of being online (before the interweb), I would search "online" (CompuServe, then AOL) for computer history related stuff. I found the "Computer History" related stack sometime in 1994 on AOL, though it was done in 1991.

My Mac History stack became the basis of my first large article, in my first published computer history newsletter.
Thanks for sharing these, I can't wait to check them out!
As a kid, I used to play with HyperCard. I used to say things like "What the hell is this junk!?" and "This isn't Crystal Quest!"
But with age comes regret, and I only wished I had known better.
I would love to lean how to make my own stacks. I want to make some for training and review for work. Can anyone tell me some good resources for easy to understand intrusions?
Early versions of Hypercard were full developer versions. At some stage Apple management decided to convert this to a Player so they could sell a development kit.
tHowever the codemonkies were not so keen to see this ability disappear, it would seem, and rather than cripple their creation they just buried it.
I seem to recall a kind of Easter Egg/Hack where you could go to the last page of the Home Stack and in the Text Input field type "magic" or something with the word "magic" in it, and you would re-enable the Authoring functions in Hypercard. Does anybody remember this? I searched for it on Teh Intarnetz one day but couldn't find it. Wish I'd kept those old copies of MacUser magazine.
This is the best info I could find which seems to mention a work around "Flux Magic Palette" that appears to restore authoring capability.
Thanks, but I don't recall anything about that Flux thing.
The hack was available in the first version that had authoring "removed" e.g the first one called "HyperCard Player".

Anyway, found the tip!! see

Setting Userlevel - Method #2 [long term correction]
- open HyperCard
- the "Home" stack should be the stack that opens.
- go to the last card in the stack [push the left arrow key one time]
- push the "command" key and "m"
- a message box will appear
- type the following: magic
- push return
- you should see all 5 userlevels
- slide the arrow marker up to the top
- 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 should be black
- the menu bar should now include the "tools"

Confirmation on




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