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Here's the place to talk about the the first Macs, the 128k, 512k, Plus, SE, and Classics.

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Those are some awesome pictures! I picked up a color classic a few months ago, but it was faded with lots of stickers on it!
I remember coming in contact with some CCs back when I was in college in the mid-90s. I really fell in love with them, but I was disappointed when I found out that they were severely crippled compared to the CCII, which was never sold in the US from what I've read. Nevertheless, the CCs were a great culmination to the compact Mac line, IMO.
I have several compact Macs. Actually, I have most of the models made. But, the ones I love the most are:

- SE/30, because it is by far the zippiest I've used. Faster than the later Classic II and the Performa.
- Color Classic, and I currently use it as an Apple IIe. I have the IIe card installed. The small color screen is cool!

I've yet to find a Color Classic II.
Does a Compact Performa exist ?
Well, I like the little guys, too - having only one.
But can any of these compete with a 275MHz model, a few years younger?
The SE/30 can be made a PowerMac, as someone told me many years ago.
There is no visible border between late Performas and early PowerMacs.
The Classic II was rebadged as the Performa 200 late in its life.
The Performa 250 was available in the UK and Australia. Most people know it more as the loverly Colour Classic. Also Asia had the Performa 275, AKA Colour Classic II.
Can it be, talking about the 200, this was so for the out of U.S. market?
Yes I have been searching for a CC2 for years - I can't even find a decent photo of one online.

You said you have most models - any others you don't have?

Awesome! Is that yours?
picture above, see the link :
Released only in Japan, the Color Classic II improved on the original Color Classic by doubling both the processor speed to 33 MHz and the data path to 32-bit. Also added was stereo sound output.

i regret, i do not have a one

i have 3 (working) color classic's,
one with a sonnet presto plus accelerator card
Has anybody an SE Prodigy in their collection, and able to supply any copies of documentation for the add-on upgrade board, or any offer any information?

A friend of mine found one in a great bundle old Macs for $80!!

Thanks for any help,




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