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What kind of price range should I be expecting for a excellent shape Powerbook 3400c?

A friend of mine has one and wants me to give him a good price. What do you think?

I know someone nearby that can sell a color classic for around $50, system 7.5 installed (while I can do this myself, it is nice!) and it is a working unit. In fact, that guy gets old Macs and put them back working for sale. Since there is no shipping fee, I can get this from him directly, I'm asking myself if 50 bucks is too much for this computer? I thing it is not bad, but just want to check in with you guys :)

I want to install my IIe card in it for some retro fun.
you want one or you don't
go for it, $50 , why wait ?
i have an SE and an SE/30

Here is a pic of my SE. Picked it up off eBay for 15 dollars, and 15 for shipping. Came with the standard 800k drive, 20MB HDD, and 4MB ram. Had System 6 and a few programs like Word, MacWrite II, and MacDraw installed. It now runs System 7. Spent about an hour cleaning it when I got it. It's in pretty decent shape. Only one scratch, but it's on the top near the handle so thankfully you can't really see it. The Keyboard and mouse aren't original.. They are pulls a friend gave me that went with a PowerMac 6100, but I plan on picking up the original matching set one day =)


I'm restoring my Color Classic and I'm trying to find a database of software organized by date. I want the System to be running only software that was common on that machine when it was in it's prime. I realize I can go title by title and figure it out, but if there is a MacTracker equivalent for software I'd like to know about it.

So I did end up finding which had changed URL's since I last used it. The nice thing is you can view software by year. Really cool feature, really cool website. 

Hi everyone!

I'm looking into getting a Compact classic Mac (I've always wanted one). I'm thinking the SE/30 or Macintosh Classic/Classic II, and wanted to hear some opinions.

I really prefer the look of the Classic/Classic II, as it looks more like the original 128k over the SE/30, but I'm getting the general feeling (from this discussion and others) that the SE/30 was a much better, more reliable machine. Is that the case?

I also see that the SE/30 has an upgrade slot, and the Classic/Classic II does't, so if I ever want to get a processor upgrade or what-not I'm probably better off going with the SE/30...but I really like the Classic's design better.

Also, Why can't the SE/30 run 7.6.1, but the Classic II can?

Thoughts anyone? I guess one day I could get both, but for now I'm limiting myself to just one until I get a house with an office to keep all my tech stuff in. Thanks all!

My favorite case design of the compact macs was the Classic/Classic II. That said, as you've pointed out the SE30 is more expandable, I love having a compact mac with built in ethertnet :)

Yeah, I love the original Mac design and the Classic design the most, so I'm secretly hoping someone will tell me the Classic is much better than the SE/30 lol.

I'll probably get the SE/30 or the SE FDHD, and most likely upgrade them one day. I'll have to go with the SE FDHD or later because I want the 1.4MB disk drive so I can use my USB floppy on the PowerBook G3 so transfer software to the SE. I could get the external 1.4 floppy drive, but I want it simple and working from the get go. I'm thinking the SE/30 is the best choice though, since I'll get a little more power out of it before I get around to upgrading. Of course "power" is a relative term considering my main machine is a 4GHz i7 Hackintosh lol. I'll be playing old games on it and my girlfriend may use it to write children's books.

What does everyone think of this bungle I just picked up?

Macintosh SE/30 $199.00

"Macintosh SE 30 in excellent condition, features a built in Zip drive. Works perfectly, the original case was cracked so I put it in an SE case. Built in hard drive, Zip 100 drive, 32Mb of RAM. Includes two mice, external CD ROM drive, software CDs, and cables for keyboard. I don't have the keyboard, but they're cheap on ebay. Also included is a Sigma Designs Inc. video expansion card model LVA-SI-ECL, along with a video splitter cable."

While talking to him, he threw in an extra HDD (700MB or 1GB, he couldn't remember), and an extra external drive case so I could add another drive or floppy.

This works out so well, as I have about 15 or so Zip 100s laying around without a purpose in life! Now I can use them to transfer an store files for the SE/30

Does anyone know anything about the Sigma video card? Does it allow internal grayscale? Does anyone know the external port type? I've googled it and haven't found much.

Could I replace just the front of the SE case with a real SE/30 to make this more authentic?

Thank all!


Any suggestions as to where to go for CC floppy troubleshooting? I've tried swapping a known-working drive and have at least eliminated the drive itself as the problem.




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