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There were many LCs and Performas sold as consumer models. Discuss them here!

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Does anyone know if ANY of the LC 500 series sold in the UK? I yet to even see a single one on the UK eBay.
As far as I know, no. I did an extensive search for them a couple of years ago but came up with nothing this side of the Atlantic. It's a shame because I actually think they are quite attractive machines, especially those with the Trinitron tubes.
As far as I see it this is true for the rest of the old continent, too.
In fact all the 475's I've seen in Germany were/are Performas, and so is my 450.
I've had an LC II sitting at home without getting any use until recently where I decided to set it up for my kids and network it with my Quadra 650 so that my oldest son and I could play some games. Maybe something like Bolo or some other game. The other reason I was thinking about this is because then I could share out the CD-ROM on the Quadra so that the boys could access the games there.

Ideally, I hope to get my son hooked on classic Macs. ;-)
This is one of the reasons for me to keep my LC working (My first Mac) - recently the power supply died and I had to take one from an LC II that didn't start at all - it has lost a few other parts, too and is nearly empty...
Give me an idea what to to with an empty LC II !
Ask the little girl - children often have great ideas. It's up to us to make a few of those come true.
I'm considering an LC for my next mac, when my household budget permits. I was thinking of setting up my IIfx as a file server or ftp server, but I came to my senses and thought about how much power it uses.

According to Low End Mac the LC, LC II and LC III use a 50W power supply. The LC 475 has 30W ????. Versus 230W in the IIfx.

The Mac LC! One of Apple's failed computer lines.

I've found many LC's on eBay. Unfortunately, it does not use VGA.

I found one that has a VGA adapter (an LC III) for under $50 (with shipping).

I'm not going to post the link until after the auction ends because this is a retro Mac forum, therefore I'm avoiding competition.

If I were to get it, I'm going to stick it in my bedroom and make it a machine for, uh, stuff. You know, stuff.

Anyway, is it a good deal for $45.40?

Also, does anyone know the original price of the machine? Just a curiosity.

Thanks! I believe the price has gone out of my range, however. Especially with the $25 shipping.




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