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Talk about the PowerBooks here and while you're at it, discuss the Portable too.

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Huh. I'm trying to make a Bondi Blue CD drive (out of a Bondi G3) that uses SCSI


And plus, the Bondi is by far my favorite Mac.


So in another words I'm trying to take an AppleCD and replace the drive with a Bondi Blue iMac one (maybe even a slot loading one!)

I didn't know the iMac used SCSI…

No, if I'm right, the AppleCD turns an IDE drive into a SCSI drive.



The PowerBook?


It runs System 7.5.2, and the previous owner neglected to erase their data, so it has some free software like Word!

Most people don't erase their Hard Drives when they sell their computers…

It seems common on eBay since most people are resellers

So, is the PowerBook really as bad as people said it was?

Not really, it seems to have good build construction, the battery fires were only limited to 2 preproduction models, and whereas the expansion bay cannot fit a CD drive, it still can work with SCSI. The active matrix color screen does ghost some, however.

Good to know…

I'm also not sure what the expansion bay connector is, the floppy drive doesn't want to come out.

There should be a little slider thing on the underside of the computer…




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