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I have a PowerBook 140 and the OS is pretty messed up. I picked it up for $20 and everything (except the battery) works, the user just didn't know what he was doing and deleted too much. I would like to load system 6 on it but I am having trouble building floppies for it.

What systems are good "bridge" systems that will get me on the Internet (or read thumb drives for the PC or some other solution) and can still write a floppy for my 140?

Seems like this machine is not designed for anything before 7.0.1:
They don't have the ultimate answers, but usually they're right.
Good bridges may be Performas around 1995, running systems from 7.1.2p (630) up to 9.1 at least (9.2.2. is reported to work on a fast 5500). They should be able to r/w to 800k disks.
I would think a convenient (and cheap) companion were an early LC - I don't remember if I changed the Floppy drive in mine, but if I'm right it read 400k as well (never had one).
Internetting with this one ? Good luck!
Thank you!

Sadly, I sold a Performa 450 which would have worked great. I even added an Ethernet card in it with an old version of IE working and on the Internet. Maybe I'll find a new home for the PB140 and look for a different project.
I just got back from the apple store and they said that the harddrive in my mom's powerbook G4 was dead. My mom said that If I could fix it myself I could keep it. I heard that it was very difficult and I need some instructions if on youtube or email .Thanks, my email is
I can recommend the website They specialise in notebook repair and have easy to follow instructions. unfortunately you will need some special tool to work on the PowerBook.

I hope this helps.
I have a 12" power book. Does anyone know of any ways to disable the internal HDD. The internal HDD is making lots of noise and I boot off of an external firewire drive anyway so I need a way to kill the internal drive that is not too difficult.
Why not replace the internal HDD? Have a look at

While not for the faint hearted, their guides are clear and easy to follow.

The thing you'll notice when opening up your PowerBook is how beautifully it is constructed. I've opened and worked on quite a few laptops in my time, and the Apple ones are truely a work of art, especially compared to the ones made by their major competitiors (Dell, HP, . . . )

I'm always waiting for the tear downs of Apple's latest hardware to be posted online.

I replaced the HDD in my old iBook G3-500 (first of the SnowBook range), and it was definately not a user upgrade option, but in the end (about 2 hours) I'd replaced the drive (all screws back in!!!) and was reinstalling the OS. (10.3.xx back then)
Don't know if this helps, but you could try to just unplug it, or replace it as Michael posted back in January.
Good luck!

just got an old Powerbook 140. I would like to bring it online. Please, point me to some hardware RS422 <-> ethernet connection HW and OS 7.6.1 on Floppies.

Thanks a lot :)
Random question, but do all PowerBook duo dock (1)'s say the codename on the hardware? My Duo Dock II says "Duo Dock II" inside, but my duo dock 1 just says "Gemini". Is that what other original docks say?
Anyone in the UK know where I can get hold of a Mac Portable?
i got a powerbook duo 280c, Powerbook G3 "Lombard" and "Wallstreet" and a powerbook g4 12"




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