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Looking at a 5300cs for $30... anyone have any software recommendations for me?
I bought the same exact model for $20… I later saw another one for $25… Unfortunately, I don't have the proper power adapter… As for software recommendations… It's a PPC Mac… Glider? EV Override?

Mmmm... Glider.


Of course, there is Glider (4.0) and Glider PRO…
Unfortunately getting the software on will be hell since I own no other vintage Macs and my only desktop with floppy drive is extremely slow...
USB Floppy drives are inexpensive. Really inexpensive…

Actually, I would rather get a PowerCD because:
1. It has the SCSI on the back which allows use with one

2. I could listen to music

3. It would go good in my Apple collection. 


I have decided to purchase the 5300cs and waited a bit on the bid on my eBay auction and saved a whole $.50! WOO! 50 cents!

And it has now shipped to my home address and should be here next Friday.

Lucky! With the Power adapter and everything?

And the original operation manual, too!

You know, Apple was working on a Mini-CD drive for the 5300… 




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