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If it had a processor like the 601, 603, or 604, this is where you discuss them.

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I was at a Friends house and he showed me a interesting computer. I was a prototype Early PowerPC. Anybody know anything about this model?
Hmm, had a quick skim though mactracker. The only 2 macs with code names like that are the Quadra/Centris 610, and Quadra/Centris 650, which went by the code names "Speedbump 610" and "Speedbump 650", respectively.

Judging by the 4 nubus slots, it might be based off the 650, as that one had 3 nubus, and 1 PDS slot.

But if you say it's a PPC, then maybe a early 7100, as they share the same case as the 650. I know the 7100 used Carl Sagan, BHA, and LAW for code names, but nothing else as far as I know.

However, that is just a educated guess.
I have a 5500/250 with the built-in TV tuner card. Is there any way to make the display crisper for TV? I would like to use it to run old consoles (SNES/Genesis) via the RF connector.
My 5200/75 also has a TV tuner card... unfortunately, all that I can get is that 352x288 resolution... my guess is that the hardware is limiting the source resolution!

Can't you use the AV inputs? I guess the 5500 has the slot for placing a AV card, like my 5200...
I can see this is an older discussion, but: As the 630 before it the 5xxx has a resolution of 320x240 for TV. (I think this is the same for 64/6500). You can easily have fullscreen display by pressing cmd.-3. There are photos of performas running sega or other consoles, no problems with these things (on this site). Displaying TV requires both the AV- and TV- (or TV/Radio - as some 5500 models may have) card. Simply use the antenna connector, find the console's channel and let go.
On a 5200/75 it looks like this:
I have a Series 1 Tivo. It uses a 604. Does that count?
Before I got my iMac G5, I had been given a Mototola StarMax 4000 MT by someone I met at a GNU/Linux user group. I had upgraded it to 128 MB RAM and it had a 200 MHz PPC 604e processor. It ran Mac OS 9.1 smoothly, especially after upgrading the video from the paltry 4 MB VRAM to the 16 MB Voodoo3 2000 PCI card that I had laying around. It even ran Debian "sarge" quite well, which is where I found myself often when I wanted to use the current software at the time.

Plus, I loved the fact that I could use the PS/2 ports for the mouse. I used a program called Mouse2B to enable the contextual menu on the secondary mouse button within Mac OS 9. Debian pretty much took care of that without any third-party software. :-p
The pre-G3s I currently use are:

Power Mac 8600/300
- currently looking for RAM to this guy. I bought this machine in 1997. It originally had a Intel Pentium card installed so you can run Windows 95, but I sold that a few years ago.

Bandai Pippin @WORLD
- I bought this in Japan in 1999. I run the Bandai Pippin @WORLD Museum web site, but haven't updated it in awhile.
Hi Folks,

finally I got my own TAM. As I already own a 5500 (what is supposed to be a similar machine), I planned to use the parts from the 5500 in the TAM (RAM, USB, Sonnet G3, CommSlot II Ethernet and Hard Disk).

But now I found out the disk in the TAM is different in physical size, so I guess I can't simply replace it with the one from the 5500.

So now my questions are:

1. What kind of hard disk is this (Connector/Measurements)?
2. I used to have a 120GB in the 5500 (and it's 90% used, so I really need this space), is this also possible in the TAM? (I read somewhere that more than 4GB don't work?)

Thank you very much
original hard drive: 2 GB IDE drive
limit 128 GB

if you use a 120 GB, make partitions
first one with system and apps, 2 GB

if you want to use itunes, instead of converting your itunes library, use the airport express

if you need more space > external scsi drives

service source & user guide

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Ahead of its time, misunderstood, a...


I Have a Power Mac 6500/250 but the PRAM battery has died, and I pulled it out…

How can I get it to start without the PRAM battery?

If it is one of those that needs the battery, you can't.




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