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If it had a processor like the 601, 603, or 604, this is where you discuss them.

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Most pre G3 macs don't need a pram battery to start up
Only the Macintosh II, IIx, IIfx must have at least one (.they have two pram batteries )

I removed all de pram batteries of my vintage macs,
no battery, no leak

Also, remove the main battery from portables when stored, corrosion can make contacts inusable

Well, I got It 2 years ago, and nothing appeared on the monitor, so I figured it had a broken Logic Board…

However I read that the PRAM battery could cause it to display nothing (I wonder why I had not known it was the PRAM

battery… After all, my LC 475 has had this problem about 3 Times).

So about 3 months ago, I tried letting it sit, and it actually powered up, displayed the "?" Disk, etc…

I even installed Mac OS 7.6 on it… And now when I try to turn it on, it just sits there… doing nothing…

I may be getting my hands on a 7200/90 soon which I want to set up as a System 7 Retro machine. Unfortunately the VRAM hasn't be upgraded, anyone knows for how much the VRAM expansions usually go?


I also noticed there are various L2 cache upgrades for sale, up to 1 MB. Anyone having any experience how much they improve performance ? Is it worth to look out for those?




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