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Has anyone got any tips for getting an old macintosh portable working?

Mine doesn't start up at all. I guess it's because the battery is dead...
...what to do?

Or should I just give up my little "Portable project"?

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I'm currently trying to revive one of my portables. I got a remanufactured battery, but that hasn't helped yet. It powers on and I get a sad Mac, but I just haven't gotten around to looking up the code. In the past I've been able to get it going even without a regular battery but with just a 9V battery hooked up.
Ok, I think I'll try the PowerBook 100-series power supply-trick with mine, just as soon as I find a pb100 for my collection.
I found this site while looking for portable stuff on google:
I've fixed 10 of my 18 of these recently.. just PM me if you are still having problems.
i use 3 cyclon lead batteries

Portable Macintosh 5120 and 5126
Lead Battery Replacement

Alternate Battery for Mac Portable

My Portable Will Not Boot Up
saved as pdf (dead link)

Portable M5126 backlit
started up with adapter Powerbook 100, charging battery




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