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If this topic has already been done, I apologize.

I was curious, out of all of the Macintosh computers that have ever been marketed by Apple, which one model is your absolute favorite?

My favorite Mac is the Tray-Loading G3 iMac, the Bondi-Blue machine which re-vitalized Apple in the late 1990's after Steve Jobs returned to Apple. I have 3 G3 iMacs in my collection. 1 Bondi Blue Machine, 1 Indigo Machine, and 1 Snow Machine. I just think, of all the Macs that I have, and that have been marketed, these are the coolest.

I'm sure that others have other opinions on this...

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I'll narrow it down to Macs I purchased when new. In order of impact to me:

1. Macintosh Plus - This was my first Mac and set me up to be a life-long Mac fan.
2. G4 iMac - I still marvel at the ergonomic design and mine is still going strong after all these years.
3. Beige G3 - It's not very exciting but it was surprisingly expandable and served as my primary Mac for many years.
That is a tough one. I can't pick just one. I love the design of the Color Classic, that was the first Retro I fell in love with. The case is so extremely cute, slightly rounded, handle on top, cut little legs, and a beautiful sharp color monitor. It almost looks like it could get up and walk away. The TAM is gorgeous and sleek, way ahead of it's time, design-wise. I like the use of the LCD screen, and the Bose sound system, very nice. And I like the dark grey color as if they laid open a Powerbook and put speakers down the side. And, my 6400, cuz it looks like a little fridge. Again with the curved lines and a sub woofer. It's a great machine, it's lasted a long time and still runs like new. I even have Virtual PC and Windoz 95 on it. Eeeeeuuuu! Just to show people it can be done.

Ok, I can't do it. I can't pick just one. I failed the assignment, the dog ate my homework! It's not my fault!
I only brought one Mac new - a Mac IIsi. Loved that machine...

But, I would have to say that my favourite is the upgraded G4 Cube that I am typing into right now. It's not the fastest machine I own, but it is the computer I love to use. Its small, quiet and does all that I need.

(Upgrades include 1GHz G4 CPU, 120G HDD and a DVD-RW/DL, Geforce 5500 GPU to run a 20" Cinema Display)
Very tough question. My favourite compact is the Mac Plus since it was the first Mac I ever owned and was the machine that started my collection. However, I am fond of my Quadra 700 for it's speed and wonderful ultra-mini tower design. Recently my PowerBook 1400c has also been a great favourite as it seems to be a good all-round retro portable. I have an Orinoco wireless card for it so it is a good machine for emails and basic web browsing and since it has the full complement of 64MB RAM it is capable of running some quite demanding early PPC applications.

So that doesn't really answer the question, but anyway..! ;-)
We're all agreed - it's too tough! If I had to pick one model it would be the flat panel iMac - Apple had become cool again with the Bondi blue, but the flat panel cemented that position. Going really retro would have to be the Plus - how many of us started on Macs using one of these? The one I most want for my collection is the cube - complete with matching monitor, keyboard and mouse of course!
12" Powerbook G4.
Beautiful, small, powerful.
Powermac G3 Tower 300mhz... This was my second mac, but by far the most impressive. I loved it. Now I must say that my current favorite is my G4 Cube, i wish apple would release an updated cube, and "take the cube off ice". The small form factor and stylish case is amazing.
I always felt the mini is like a slice of the old Cube. I keep waiting for the day I can buy a used mini for about $100 but they hold on to their value forever -- even the original G4 minis!
I quite like the Mini but I'm the sort of person who likes to be able to swap out hard drives quickly and tinker about with my machines, so I would probably find it quite limiting.

The G4 Cube is quite a nice balance between size and expandibility, it's a pity that it was priced higher than the full G4 towers back in the day so wasn't as popular as it could have been.
Hands down, my favorite is the Pismo Powerbook. I have owned two of them, and if not for a complete lack of graphics capability I would still be using one. Amazing too that before Leopard completely obsoleted them, they were still fetching up to $500 on eBay.

Other favorites include:

12" Al Book. I bought mine new and launched my freelance career on it. I remember using it to encode video while driving from Chicago to Iowa for a job. We needed to finish a project by the time we got there so we had to run it all the way on the trip, for about 10 straight hours. By the time we got there, it was so hot you could have quite literally fried an egg on it.

Cube. I just picked up one for $150 including the monitor, finally getting something I lusted after almost a decade ago but could never afford. I am currently mulling over upgrading it and making it my main machine, but the lack of USB 2.0 is a real stumbling block. Syncing my iPhone over USB 1.1 on my Quicksilver is a complete PITA.

G3 iMac and eMac. I am still no big fan of LCD monitors and loved the form factor of the two CRT models I owned in grad school.

Quadra 840AV. Used it as a TV in my office for a while. The fastest and coolest pro 68k Mac. Now it just sits neglected. I should probably just sell it and let someone else futz with it.
My favorite has always been the SE30 although I never did own one. My first Mac was the original Classic, and the SE30 was such a screamer in comparison.
My favorite that I owned was the 5500 225MHz, it was just fun and reliable.
I think the Pismo would be a favorite also, and again I never owned one. I have a Lombard, and can't seem to part with it--that keyboard is so delicious! It's slow that's for sure.
My wife has the 24 inch iMac, and when that becomes retro I think I'll say that is is a favorite, too. It's pretty awesome.
I guess my favorite "Mac" is / was my first one - a Lisa 2! I was working at an Apple dealer back in 1989, and even with an employee discount, I couldn't afford the basic entry-level Mac. I was looking at about $1600 - $1800 for a Mac Plus with 1mb of RAM and an external 20mb hard drive (they were pretty much useless without a hard drive). Then, I caught an ad in the back of a Mac magazine from Sun Remarketing in Logan, Utah. I could get a "new" old-stock Lisa 2, upgraded to 1mb of RAM and an internal 20mb hard drive for $1095 plus shipping - what a huge bargain! It also had an upgrade performed which made it's rectangular pixels squared, just like the Mac's. It ran the Mac OS and could do anything the Mac could do, plus, had a 12" screen vs. 9". One caveat was that it did not have the sound circuitry of a Mac though, so most games would crash it. That didn't matter, as I mostly used it for productivity software and desktop publishing. I loved that machine and I wished I still had one. I remember it's soft hum at night as I laid in bed watching my Pyro! screensaver fireworks on it's screen.




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