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If this topic has already been done, I apologize.

I was curious, out of all of the Macintosh computers that have ever been marketed by Apple, which one model is your absolute favorite?

My favorite Mac is the Tray-Loading G3 iMac, the Bondi-Blue machine which re-vitalized Apple in the late 1990's after Steve Jobs returned to Apple. I have 3 G3 iMacs in my collection. 1 Bondi Blue Machine, 1 Indigo Machine, and 1 Snow Machine. I just think, of all the Macs that I have, and that have been marketed, these are the coolest.

I'm sure that others have other opinions on this...

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My favourites are the Macintosh Portable and the Key Lime iBook.
My favorite is the Mac IIsi, I don't know what it is about that machine but I just love it, #2 on my list is the Mac Plus. I currently own approx. 27-30 Mac's and my collection is still growing. I'll get some photo's soon
I have in my Shop 7 i Macs 3 500mhz, 1 tray loading(unknown Processor size) 2 450mhz and one I can't remember what it is at the moment.
Can't pick one above all, so like James, here is my top 3
1. TAM - it's rare and controversial
2. iMac G4 - Probably the most beautiful computer ever produced (love the Cube as well, but I said 3)
3. Mac SE - the first I owned
You're not the only one who'll always favourite hers/his first Mac !
I guess there is this kind of special feeling towards the Mac, which makes it better the first time.
You know what I mean...
For me the first iMac is my all time favourite design. I bought my first one not too long ago and simply like looking at it!! It really should have some kind of glowing light inside though :)

Second to that, the original Macintosh is an absolute design classic. Kind of thing I would have on my desk as a piece of art.
I considered the idea of lighting it up since I got my first iMac.
Maybe the first and 2nd series iMacs can stand it (they have a fan),
later silent ones may become too hot.
Yes, I still have 2 G3 iMacs, one is a Bondi Blue Tray-Loading machine, the other an Indigo slot loading machine. I have gotten rid of 97% of my collection, but had to keep these machines.
Wow, my favourite Macintoshes would have to be:

1) The *Macintosh Colour Classic* that thing has curves, legs, and the whole shebang.

2) The *iMac/iBook G3 Limes* I've always had a soft spot for lime green things, so lime coloured retro Macs are my cup-of-tea.

3) The *Apple IIGS* it's not a Mac so to speak, but it's cool GS/OS and tight Snow White design makes the IIGS one of my favourites.
Undisputable - the iMac G4. I still use it as my main computer (yes, you can go along fine with 800 Mhz!) and it's design and comfort is awesome. I'm still loving the ability to move the display into any direction I want it. What a bummer Apple is not building these anymore. Would love to see those with new intel technology as part of a new anniversary edition or something.
Crap. This is hard.

In the end I think I'll have to say it's down to three

Power Macintosh/Performa 6400 and 6500 - Absolutely beautiful computers with a built-in subwoofer, and they only ran up to 9.1. No OS X crud.

Powerbook G3 any of them - If it's the Kanga, then it's a 3400 which I owned and loved. If it's the Wallstreet, it was perhaps the second best portable Macintosh ever. The Lombard and Pismo were the first best. The ones that followed were sad imitators.

Power Macintosh G4 - The curves. The glossy silver and gray. So beautiful! The RISC-based PowerPC G4? It ran OS 9.2.2 at up to 1.25GHz and that's beautiful.




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