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This is pretty unbelievable!

TAM on eBay

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Wow! The "never opened - new in box" phenomenon continues. This looks like a good one.
I wonder if the seller would ship it to the buyer's house in a limousine.
Let's start an online poll -- who thinks James will end up with this one? (I know I'd be keen if I was in the US!)
I considered the possibility for about a minute until I thought about the fact that I would definitely open it and then see the value drop by at least 50%.
Of course you would open it. Who wouldn't...
Nice auction - but does anyone else think a 2'x2'x2' box is a little small for the TAM, power supply and all the accessories it came with? I note that the box label says CPU TAM - I wonder whether there is a box missing?
I found an 'Unboxing' of a TAM web site with lots of photos, and inside the box marked '20' were the 3 other boxes with the base/power unit, the CPU unit, and the third was the software, disks, pen set, remote control, and the keyboard. Unbelievably, it's all in one box that looks too small to hold everything.
You're right - that's the same box labelling.

So it should all be in there. I think the box is larger than the listed 2' cube.
I couldn't take it, I'd have to open it and fire it up. Oh, wow, just had a small earthquake, shook the building.




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