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I have a series of slides that I created to be a slideshow to run on a couple of Mac SE's (not SE 30's). I need the slideshow to run pretty quick preferably one slide every half second. I've been trying to get it to work with hypercard, but I know very little about scripting. If you know how to script this or just know a quick slideshow screen save that would be great. Thanks!


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delay 1 (or wait 1?)
go to next card

GraphicConverter 2.x might also serve you well if you can dig up a copy. (The new Info-Mac archives might help here.)
I just tried that with no success. Below is my exact syntax. I also tried it as both hypertalk and as applescript and as both a card script and as a stack script. Is there any basic opening or closing code I need to add?

wait 30
go next card

Ah, sorry about that! How long has it been since i last wrote any HyperTalk?

on openCard
wait 30 (yes, I checked:
go to next card
end openCard

You'll have to add that to each card unless someone else can point out a more clever way... I don't have HyperCard in front of me, but I suppose you could write a loop that sat in the stack script that just cycled through cards ad infinitum...
Thanks !!!!
It worked perfectly only now I'm getting a "too much recursion" error and I need it to run until I stop it manually.
I'm tickled to see this kind of activity here -- this is exactly what I hoped for! The interaction among the listeners wasn't really possible until now.
Tequila would have done the same thing.
Kathryn seems to be catching up to the rest of us. Guess that pismo is slower than we expected.
Just wandering around in other areas, need to spend more time in this one where the fun is.
I believe JPEGView will run a slideshow screen saver, too.




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