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Wanted - Power Mac 6100 DOS Compatible in Australia


I remember dreaming about these machines back in 1994/95. I would love to play around with one of these babies; so please, let me know if you have one and we can go on from there.


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When I was starting graduate school back in 1995, I purchased a 6100/66/DOS new. I figured it would help me get through any compatibility problems I would encounter at school. As it turned out, I didn't need the DOS card at all for school. The only use I got out of it was playing Doom!
You might have been dreaming about it - I lived the nightmare! I had one of these boxes at work and it was no end of trouble. From memory the DOS side of things was really under-specced. It was pokey slow running Windows. Transferring stuff from one side to the other was also a royal pain. But, it was better than the VirtualPC alternative at the time!

ps - I'm not sure retromaccers are going to give up a box like this! Maybe worth a shot though - anyone got a spare cube or TAM lying around?

pps - what's with all the aussies here at retromaccast? We'll have to start a group.
I have a 6100/66/DOS and it's a pretty sweet little machine. Nice for playing old DOS games like the Gold Box D&D series. Performance is great as long as you don't try and run Windows.

Beware, when I got mine the crazy octopus video cable was not with it and it cost me a fortune to acquire.




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