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Almost $1000 Buy-it-now price. Thats a lot of money for a book. I have always wanted the Think Different book (to go with my posters) and the So Far: The First 10 Years of Apple book, but this I have never heard of.

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Last week the auction buy-it-now was $1500!
Wow, that is expensive! I managed to get this book when you could just buy it through amazon, cost me about £30!

I got the Think Different book free with my TAM, and the So Far book from ebay. (not on my site yet)
Looks great... but I think my life will have to be complete without this particular one at that kind of price. Still, doesn't stop me following it on eBay does it?.... Hmmm.....
wow - I'll have to wrap my copy up in archive paper if it's worth this much!
One was passed in at AUD$200 on eBay Australia a few months back. I was waiting for it to be re-listed, but it never was. :(




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