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alright this is getting ridiculous
it is literally impossible for me to get anything on ebay,

aside from the normal ebay tips do any of you guys have any good tips for getting macs on ebay when they do not contain a buy it now option
you guys must be masters at this by now and if any of you have some super secret tips please let me and the rest of the community know

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Watch Macs you like in My eBay. Try to set an alarm or reminder for ending times of the ones you really really want. Bid at the last moment, as long as you've got a fast internet connection, and bid HIGH! Type in the highest price you are willing to pay during the last minute (or less if you have a speedy internet and you're brave!). You don't want to lose out by $2.50 if it's really the perfect Mac. Sellers love it when people bid an item up early on in the auction; but if you really want to win it for a good price, hold off bidding early on if you can schedule a last minute bid. Other bidders will keep trying to outbid you, driving the price up and up and up... Bidding in those last few minutes thwarts a ton of those people who sit there and put in twenty bids just trying to outbid you.
If it's a really popular or rare item, and you're not prepared to pay through the roof, you're going to lose way more than you win. Keep trying! Look for auctions that end at the wrong times, too (the ones that end when most people are asleep, busy or at work), since those will up your odds considerably. Spelling errors are one of my favorites, too! Try variations of spellings or be vague and sift through the duds.
eBay is a sport!! If you won every time, it wouldn't be any fun!
thanks for the advice and ditto to everyone else
If you want to be really sneaky, try - It's not really a fair way to do this but it does work sometimes.
Can you be more specific about your difficulty? It sounds like you're getting outbid, but I'm not sure.
I tend to watch them in my eBay then about min before the end i place a bid ... then i place my final highest bid just before the end.

I know you have a fast internet connection (Bitch...) so getting them last bids in shouldn't be a problem.

But i also look in other categories for Mac's and Apple II's - You know the listing by people who just haven't a clue... ?

But at all times, you MUST remember:
Be quick - Like a Cheetah !
i actually running leopard but fast is key
and are u still bitter about that internet thing, didn't mean to upset you too much
I should of said like a snow leopard... : )
ohh and my internet has been acting kinda slow i have only been getting like 6 mb/sec lately ... and that is for calling me a bitch
Yes i am still bitter !

I have had to put up with unreliable 2mbit internet for 5 or 6 years !
And only now are the ONLY broadband company realising that's a little slow.

Soooo coming October we will get 4Mbit's - Yay ?
i had to live with 76k/bs so i know your pain
I tend to place a bid within the last 10 seconds. How I do this so precisely is a secret but it's not using any utilities or online services. ;-)
omg this is soo annoying i am downloading an episode of diggnation and i am only getting 366 k/sec it is sooo slow ... ok ok i'll stop




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