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Currently I use Sosumi on my modern iMac. On my other retro machines, I use the quack sound.

What Alert sound do you use ?

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On my older Macs, I either alternate between "Sosumi" or "Indigo". I love the fullness of "Indigo", but the diminished cord sound of "Sosumi" is quite a treat. :-)

On my iMac G5 running Tiger, I use "Funk". It's like the modern-day "Sosumi" in some respects. :-p
I have the original Macintosh 128k chime on the iMac. The Pismo stays with Sosumi, because I'm too lazy to put the same alert sound as the iMac...

And my 5200 has Simple Beep. Can't get any simpler :D.
Did any one use Kaboom? I loved Kaboom!
On many of my older Macs I use Indigo as the alert sound. The exceptions to this are my Quadra 700, which has a recording of the Mac Plus startup sound, and my Colour Classic which goes "Ni!" on alerts, (ref. Monty Python - The Knights Who Say "Ni").
Where can I find the "Ni!" sound? I first discovered it through one of Al DiBlasi's retro computing videos, demoing a NeXT Cube from 1990.
here taken from my next system
I use Indigo on both of my computers
Where can I find this apathy beep and scream the show was talking about.
You can find it in the posts here.
Ahh thanks, that was missing the apathy beep though.
But I edited it out of the podcast myself. ;)

I just started using the sound of a compact Mac making the standard "short beep" sound from the pre-System 6 days.  Why didn't I think of this before?  


Part of the charm of this sound is the way it resonates in the case, so instead of recording the sound from Mini vMac, I sampled an actual compact Mac making the sound. :-)  The thought of my aluminum 2011 MacBook Pro beeping at me with this oddly plasticy-and-resonant beep just cracks me up.


Download a copy of the sound and dump it in /System/Library/Sounds.

I use no sound. On OS 9, I have the alert volume set to zero which makes the menu bar go blue when alerts want to make themselve known. In OS X, I use the flash screen thing.




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