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I've been playing with Basilisk II using a Performa ROM and System 7.5.5 (downloaded for free from Apple.)

I have some questions, I hope someone with some experience with Basilisk can help me with:

I'm using the Universal Binary version by Gwenole (BasiliskII-1.0-0.20060501.2), because the other OSX version crashes System 7 on startup with any rom.

How can I get fullscreen under Leopard? I've tried editing the config file with "screen full/1680/1050", the BasiliskIIGUI standard fullscreen which gives "dga/1680/1050" or the Unix option of "dga/0/0" but all of them give a black, blank screen only terminatable with cmd+option+esc.

What is the best way to transfer my Basilisk II setup system to a real Macintosh Classic II? (The Classic has a 40MB hard drive).

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On Basilisk, I have some questions too, but I *do* know that one answer. Set resolution to Max / Max, and have the full screen (not window) selected. If you put in #s for size, it doesn't work all the time. I wanted to get it working in portrait 768x1024, but it would just open with the 512x384 window.

Does anyone know how to print from Basilisk? Or how networking should work?

On xfering: Here are a couple recommendations:
1) use a USB floppy drive to move 1.4mb at a time. You'll get less actually, because OS X in its brilliance adds a lot of crap to the floppy for spotlight. Shut down basilisk, open the disk image on your desktop, and you'll be able to drag right to a floppy.
2) same, but use 2 zip drives, one USB, and one SCSI. Format on CLASSIC II before trying to read on OS X.

Good luck!

You can print to a file as postscript form inside of Basilisk II- for example the Apple Laser Writer, and then copy the .ps file to OS X, from OS X, you can use the Preview application to open the PS file, which will also convert it to PDF, and can of course be printed.




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