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I have a Classic II that has an issue recognizing the SCSI hard drive, but booted fine from a floppy. I have been doing some research to isolate the issue. This website has a tip on what chip to replace, but that is for an SE/30. The chip described by that guide is not on the Classic II (as far as I can tell). I decided to clean the dust off the board, but now the Classic II won't even boot with the floppy. Instead I get columns of black & white bars about an inch in length.

I have included a photo of what the Classic II boots to. What can I do to bring this Classic II back to life?


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My Classic 2 having the same thing going on with it
i don't know how to fix it

From my research it seems to be a fairly common problem. I really like this machine and want to get it back up and running.




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