Where great old Macs live again!

this might be helpful to some of the people with a lot of old macs and people who like to tinker with them
now i know this is a torrent but i don't think it is illegal, but i don't really care so yeah here it is
it took two or thee days but has plenty of manuals and helpful resources

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Can you give us a file listing? I'm curious what's included in the rar.
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Software Manuals
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Developer Notes
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/iMac_eMac
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Safety
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Harddrives
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Airport
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Monitors
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/iBook
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/Printers
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/XServe
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/PowerBook
/Users/dylanhans/Documents/Azureus Downloads/Apple/2001/Apple Service Manuals/PowerMac
Thanks! Looks like it's a copy of the Apple tech site circa 2001. Perfect!

I like Transmission too. I prefer the command-line version, you can leave it running in a terminal on the server. We are enjoying FIOS connectivity up here in Portland so I'll seed this one for sure :)
yeah i have fios too 20 down is awesome ... what are your specs for transmission i am sorry if i am repeating this idk why it didn't show up last time but what are your up and down specs for transmission ... mine are 142.2 gb down and 482.3 gb up ... i got all the apple keynotes so that was like 10-15 gb ... do you want that torrent link or did you already get those
'gb' WOAH you must be on quantum fiber laser internet or something :)

I ordered the "basic" FIOS package: 10 Mb/s down and 2 Mb/s up for $47/month. This morning it tests out at 5157 kb/s down and 1780 kb/s up. The response time is amazing, web pages load instantly.

The torrent link in the parent post is fine, I'm starting it now!
i have 20 mb down and 5 mb up ... but those specs are after months of torrents and since i have 5 up everybody is downloading like 400 k from me and giving me like 3 k not 300 k 3k but yeah that torrent will take 3-4 days i think thats how long it took me
Hey this torrent is coming in SLOOOOOW can you re-seed your copy?
yeah i took a while .. i mived the file i don't think i can re seed
i t
If you still have the RAR file, put the torrent file in the same folder and it will seed
again. Otherwise I'll just check back next week......ZZZZZZzzzz......

OH and you must be referring to your bittorrent file transfer statistics (total 142.2 gb down and 482.3 gb up). Good seed there!
ok seeding
100% seeding :P
so you got it




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