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Some of the Apple items on eBay just seem sort of sketchy. Sure, there are those who try to pass their battered yellow toaster Macs of as RARE MINT SUPER COLLECTIBLE!!1! OMGZ, but then there is mediocre crap like this.

Is this even a real Apple item? If so, who is going to pay $10.99 + 1.99 S&H for something so cheap?

If you spot other questionable Apple items post them here.

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Dubious indeed! This isn't the first time I've seen this item for sale on eBay though I don't recall if it was sold by the same person before. They are selling a few other items which appear to be legit so who knows? Even if it is a real licensed product, I put it pretty low on the list of desirable Apple logo items.
I've seen that timepiece in a wristwatch a few years ago - "dubious" is the right word for it.
Actually, I recall seeing this advertised as part of the G5 introduction. A local chain of stores (London Drugs) sent out flyers inviting customers to gawk at the new expensive G5 and to listen to a sales spiel AND get a free stopwatch-type thing. I had a chance to get one in November 2003 when the tour passed through my city, but I opted not to short out the only G5 in town with my drool...

So, yes, I think it's real, but (a) I could be wrong and (b) $10...?
That's good news then. I think people really do try to be honest on ebay (anymore) because it's so easy to get caught. Lots of knowledgeable eyeballs helps.

But that doesn't change the fact that I won't be bidding.
Unfortunately this eBay user's whole history is filled with people who have been buying them. He also sells a lot of Apple logo branded pens from $10-30 USD.




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