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Hmm... let's see how much this one will make... Looks quite good, except for the broken disk drive and the yellowed keyboard.
Sechs-hundert-fünf Euro !
Das ist doch krank.

€ 605 is a crazy price.
That's close to $ US 800.
Simply incredible. I'd never pay so much money for this ugly device. Not even for a non-yellowed one.
The highest bid came from an eBay rookie (no trades before).
But it really is too much.
Rookie? I think it was just the seller in disguise.
Possible. I remember this one:

Der Preis ist pur Wahnsinn! Aber ich liebe die Webseite.

The price is totally crazy. But I love the website.
Yes, he always has interesting offers and useful informations.
And the eBay voting is at 100 %.




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